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What is Fitness Evolution?

There is a fundamental flaw in the traditional fitness business model that will
keep most personal trainers struggling forever.

This is not just another “How to” book written for fitness professionals on how to get more clients.

Yet the strategies revealed will show you how to explode your current fitness business profits, and increase your client base exponentially like never before.

If you have finally had enough of the struggle and frustrations of the fitness industry, the strategies revealed in this book will help create more freedom and profit in your fitness business than you could ever have imagined.

Fitness Evolution is the Ultimate Playbook to help you take your fitness business to the next level in the Digital Age.

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No Matter What Level You Are At, Are You Ready To Take Your Fitness Business To LEVEL 5?

Yes, I want Janak to show me how to take my fitness business to level 5!


Level 0 – The Employee

  • You’re employed at a gym as an instructor or Personal Trainer,  but you have a burning desire to work for yourself and Be Your Own Boss.
  • You hate being under someones thumb!
  • You hate having to beg some “Boss” to get time off or working on someone elses schedule and making them rich’
  • You hate that your income is so limited and low compared to other trainers who are self employed.
  • You know that there are a ton of trainers out there making income online, but just don’t know where to start.

Level 1 – Self-Employed Personal Trainer

  • You’re in business for yourself offering Face-to-Face Training, in-home or in a studio and are unsatisfied with your current level of income.
  • Every day feels like a grind! You hate that your income is limited to how many clients you can physically train.
  • You dislike that you have no freedom.
  • You dislike when clients cancel on you or don’t show up on time.
  • You desire to have more freedom and income, but you know that if you stop training clients, your income stops.
  • You have a strong desire to impact and help more people with your health & fitness expertise but just do not know how to leverage yourself.
  • You are stuck in the Traditional (and very FLAWED) Time-For-Dollars fitness business model and you hate it!

Level 2 – Group Personal Trainer

  • You’re doing Group training or Bootcamps – training more than 1 person at a time YET you hate that your income is only generated if you train. If you don’t show up, need a vacation or are unwell, you make no income!
  • You hate it when you have to cancel your boot-camps because of the weather, because you rely on them for your income.
  • You know there must be an easier way to make a living in the fitness industry, but just don’t know where to start.

Level 3 – The Personal Trainer Manager

  • You’ve hired other Personal Trainers to train your clients. You’re managing other trainers, while earning a cut of the profits BUT are stressed out having to pair trainers to clients, and juggling schedules.
  • You have to deal with client cancellations and clients not paying you.
  • You are in a constant state of worry that your hired trainers are going to undercut your prices and start training your clients on the side.
  • You hate it when your hired trainers don’t follow your training systems.
  • You are continually hiring new trainers as other trainers leave and take your clients with them.
  • You are no longer doing what you really love; helping people with their health and fitness.

Level 4- The Online Personal Trainer

You’ve listened to all the guru’s and are now working from home training clients over Skype or email. Or you’re running challenges on Facebook….

You can now train more clients, but you’ve come to a realization that you are still trading your time-for-income.

If you don’t train these clients, you still don’t get paid.

You are still the one doing all the work.

You still have scheduling conflicts and some clients just “Forget” to pay you, which frustrates you to no end.

Again, your income is limited and you wish that you had more freedom…and money coming in.

You’re envious of other trainers who have broken free of this model and you want answers on how to do this for yourself!


Congratulations! You’ve made it to the top.

  • You have unlimited Scalability in your fitness business because it does not rely on you trading time-for-dollars.
  • You are building a health and fitness empire based on a range of Multi-Media/Digital Products and Programs.
  • You create and make money, regardless of what you are doing.
    You don’t need to train to earn income anymore; your near-automated programs do all the work for you.
  • You are free of any one location and can travel around the world freely, while earning the income you desire.
  • Your fitness knowledge is monetized into various digital & physical products and are sold in a minimum of 10 other countries.
  • You have multiple streams of income coming into your bank account from all over the world. You make British Pounds, US Dollars, Australian Dollars and Euro’s.The conversion back to your home country makes you very happy!
  • You create automated marketing, selling and delivery systems for your business so you can free up your time to spend as you choose.
  • You are Media Savvy and get FREE PR and Publicity for your business so you stand out from the zillion other ‘Online Trainers’ out there.
  • You are the Expert in multiple small niches and are looked to as the one to seek out.
  • You have automated Money Making Avenues that continually send money your way, regardless if you are unwell…or on holiday on some gorgeous island!

Join Nalisha and I at Level 5! The view from here is awesome!