Are you overlooking this OBVIOUS way to SKYROCKET Profits in Your Fitness Business

Are you on this lucrative bandwagon yet that when done right, can literally transform your personal wealth and give you back your time?

What am I talking about?

Membership Sites and Automated Fitness Programs!

This is our specialty AND the very reason why Janak and I can travel and experience freedom the way we do, and also produce the type of income we do so life is a lot more relaxed and rewarding.

A few years into PT’ing, I made the decision to stop doing face-to-face sessions.

See if you can relate to this:
When I had been Personal Training for a few years, I started to get really bored and frustrated.

I was counting reps with a client and I just felt like I couldn’t do it anymore!

I was starting to feel caged in by the one-on-one sessions. I wanted the time and freedom to get creative and teach all facets of health and wellbeing, not just the physical aspect.

I also started to dislike the aspect of driving to people’s homes to train them, and also having a set schedule of client’s, where I had to literally give up my time in order to make money.

Are you starting to feel like this?

Maybe you are getting bored of the training aspect of PT’ing but still love the industry and want to express yourself through say, a book, or a podcast, or an interactive online course.

Maybe you also feel ready to try something new in the industry and challenge yourself with something else.

Maybe you are fed up with the instability of your income and how it is dependent 100% on how many client’s you train.

If you are ready to start creating a scalable business; one that doesn’t depend on you trading your time for money, then I recommend you start by creating an online course.

Moving into the online world is so exciting, and also challenging (in a good way!).

Moving 100% online is the ONLY way that you can live a life of travel, freedom and unlimited income.

By unlimited income, I mean that you won’t be limited by how many client’s you can physically train in a week or month.

Your income will grow in direct proportion to how well you market and sell your ‘Digitized Knowledge’

There is A LOT to learn about the online world, but the Rewards are so worth it.

A study done on over 10,000 gym members (Source: Fitness Australia) found:

Reasons client discontinued Personal Training:

  • Expense* (39.7% people)
  • Learnt correct exercise technique* (13.1% of people)
  • No longer needed the extra motivation* (7.2% of people)

If you are building a business purely on the face-to-face model of PT’ing, then you are SEVERLY missing out on a way to influence your personal wealth and lifestyle.

If you need some clarity on how to create, market and convert your Health and Fitness Knowledge into a profitable online business, start here:

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