[Instagram Profits] How to Explode Your Fitness Business Profits With Instagram (Part 3)

Continued on from last week’s post.

Have you read Part 1 and Part 2 of this Instagram Multi-Part Series yet?

Instagram is a brilliant tool for bringing in new leads, boosting your online status AND actually having these leads turn into paying customers.

I have such a pet peeve when it comes to this particular Social Media Channel though!

I see A LOT of people just focusing on increasing the size of their followers.

So, why is this a peeve of mine?

I know that a small amount of people make a great living out of endorsing products on their IG feed.

Some accounts with 400K plus could make a couple hundred bucks per post doing this.

Good on them!

BUT, do you really want to bust your butt to get to 400K so you can make a few hundred bucks per week in an ad-hoc manner?

Maybe some of you do, but I don’t!

Let me tell you why.

I am joined to a few marketing groups in Facebook, which have several hundred members.

Every week or so, I hear from another member that their Instagram account has been hacked or been shut down by Instagram!

I don’t know about you; but this is scary to me.

I don’t want to bust my butt for months on end to build 400-500K plus followers on Instagram, only to have Instagram shut me down whenever they feel like it.

Many of the people who ‘lost’ their accounts have gotten them back in time, but this is still not a stable business strategy to me.

I personally want to build a business that I can control and that is also scalable without my continued effort.

Remember; you don’t want to be trading YOUR TIME for Money!

Just how many endorsed posts can you realistically post each day or week before you look like a spammy account?!

Just how much money are these ‘celebrity’ IG accounts making?

I want you to be WEALTHY not just making ‘good’ money!

Another VERY important point;

I don’t want my database of potential customers on a third party site (Instagram) and I hope you feel the same.

Many accounts that rock out at multiple hundreds of thousands of ‘followers’ only have a fraction of those people on their own database independent of Instagram….

…And this depends how kick-ass their marketing tactics are to get them off Instagram AND if the owner of the account realizes the importance of building a database of their own.

So in saying all this, Instagram, when used correctly can be awesome for pumping leads and profits into your business…but as mentioned, it needs to be used correctly.

So what should you do?

By including a Specific Web Page with the right type of Call-to-Action, you can draw business to you and boost profits.


Call to Actions are IMPORTANT and are somewhat of an art form though!

You have to experiment to get the right type of Call to Action for your target market.


Examples of ways to get people to your website and get them to give you their details:

@escapethephotocopylife – 📌 Fitness Entrepreneur ✈️ Nalisha Patel 🌍World Traveler 📺Seen on TV Show ’60 Minutes’ with Tim Ferriss 📌 FREE Report! ‘7 Money Making Secrets of Digital Nomads Revealed’ Click👇 www.ETPLNow.com/free2’👇

Our mission is to revitalize the way we eat, move, and live. Tag #mindbodygram for a feature! Link to Chef Pete Evans’ paleo video course👇👇 bit.ly/1KSBtCm

Nike+ Run Club

Helping athletes everywhere run their first, funnest, and fastest miles. Welcome to the Nike+ Run Club. #NRC gonike.me/Nikeplusapp

Jen Sinkler

Lifting, life, & LOLs w/powerlifter, kettlebeller, former USA rugby player. Dogs🐺🐶80s👠lipgloss💋feminism✊🏼Sign up for my newsletter riiigght here👇🏽👇🏽 www.jensinkler.com

BeachBodyHq – We help you achieve your goals & enjoy a healthy, fulfilling life – one day a time. Find your soulmate workout then #PushPlay. yourcafelatte.com/  (sending you to a specific page)

drmercola – “Proper nutrition, not medicine, is the key to good health. articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2015/08/24/game-changer.aspx – goes to one of his articles on his website. You will then look around and possibly join his newsletter.

All these IG bio can be SO much better, to be honest.

I actually had a hard time finding some good bio examples to give you here.
Most people just link through to their website, which is NOT the way to do things if you want to capture potential client’s details.

The first example (@escapethephotocopylife) is our IG account, so it really is the best one of the bunch (of course!) as it directs people to an uncluttered lead page where the potential customer enters their details.

They can’t move around the page and click on various links.

Another good example is the MindBodyGreen account.
It directs people to a paid-for-course and video. It’s a bit aggressive for newbies to their IG account but must be effective for people that follow the account and have been educated on this particular chef and what he has to teach.

Depending on what your goal is, your BIO and BIO LINK should capture your Followers attention and get them to take action.

As an educated Personal Trainer, you know that you ideally want them to input their name and email address so you can then communicate with them OFF Instagram.

Love to hear your thoughts below on this. What strategy do you use to get people off Social Media and onto your database?

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Now A Word Of Caution Before Using This Strategy

Instagram is a Global Platform. That means you will start getting emails & inquiries from potential clients from all around the planet.

How do you expect to train them? How do you expect to profit from them?

Losing money really frustrates me and unless you have a scalable business you will continue to lose a ton of it.

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Did you enjoy this article? Did you get value from it?

Nalisha Patel

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