Story Telling Secrets Guaranteed to Explode Your Fitness Business Profits

Have you ever caught up with a good friend that you haven’t seen in a couple of months and been shocked at how fast time flew during your get-together?

You each shared stories and updates on what had been going on in your lives over the last few months.

Your friend shared an awesome story of her visit to Rome and Florence. She captivated you with a story of how they nearly got duped by a dodgy cab driver by the Colosseum, and also how they discovered a gorgeous little restaurant in a small alley by the Trevi Fountain and dined on lobster Fettuccine, followed up by creamy Pistachio Gelato and authentic Italian Espressos.

As she talked, you could picture the cobblestone roads and walkways of Rome and almost hear the hustle and bustle of tourists and locals around the Trevi Fountain. You could even taste the delicious creaminess of Gelato.

Why do we LOVE hearing stories so much?

Movies, Sitcoms, News Stories, Books, Magazines; these all rely on the art of storytelling.

So how can you use this mode of communication to be more persuasive to your ideal audience and get them buying from YOU?

Stand apart from the masses!

Most PT’s are spouting facts and features about Personal Training and working with them.

Tell your audience a personal story and have it resonate with them EMOTIONALLY.

This alone will help you stand out.

So, Action Steps:

  1. Start TellingStories!

The best place to start is…with your own. How did you become a Personal Trainer?
Do you have an interesting and relatable story to tell your audience?

For me personally, I started out Personal Training women in their own homes because I personally had never actually worked out in a gym! I loved the solitude and quiet of working out alone at home with minimal equipment. I discovered a gap in the market for women who felt the same.

Tweak your personal story so you can use it in your marketing message.

Share some personal anecdotes and funny stories with potential clients.

  1. Pull up a challenge or obstacle you overcame and weave this into an interesting story.

Janak and I often talk in depth on our website and with clients and other trainers about how we had a few of our team of contracted trainers STEAL our clients out from under us, undercut our prices and dodgedly train them on the side!

At the time it was devastating. We had worked really hard to market for clients and, as it was an in-home business, the trainers were building a rapport with the clients and convincing them to be cut us from the picture.

Our income declined, our business model flopped and we were super stressed out.

At the time it SUCKED big time…..but now….it makes for an AWESOME story!

We flipped this at-the-time obstacle and failure and it got us to where we are today – FREE of trainers, 100% online and making more money than we ever would have in our in-home training business.

So THANKS Shane, Ross and Kelly for being sneaky and prompting us to change course!

Anyways, you can now see how powerful a back story can be.

Which story can you insert into your marketing?

Get brainstorming!

  1. Strategically offer facts alongside interesting stories.

Are you guilty of using figures or facts in your marketing?

For example:

“Lose 20 pounds in 12 weeks!”, or

“Drop 2 Dress Sizes in 6 weeks!” or

“64% of people are overweight. Don’t be one of them!”

Mmmnn, this is all a bit bland now don’t you think?

To liven up your marketing, and especially on your website, weave stories and case studies to drum home the benefits of working with you.


“Sarah came to me about 6 months after her 40th birthday. She was feeling overweight, frumpy and unsexy. At her 40th birthday, she had worn a dress that was 2 sizes bigger than her ideal. Sarah lost 10 pounds following my xyz program.

An even better use of the above example is if SARAH herself can tell the story of how she lost weight.

  1. What would you like to be known for/as?

Stories create a buzz and help you to Stick in people’s minds.

Have a think about how you can incorporate more stories and case studies into your marketing.

Look over your website and copy and see where you can tweak and liven things up!

Stand out from the hundreds of other PT’s vying for your target audience by tapping into the emotional side of what the client is wanting to achieve.

It’s a little bit of an art form to formulate the ideal story to use in your marketing.

Your Homework this week is to head to your local library and check out some Fiction!

Analyse how great authors tell Stories.

Check out:

James Patterson

Stephen King

Lee Childs

Cozy Mysteries – a genre of light mystery.

If you read and study fiction, it will help you become a better storyteller and marketer!

Love to hear YOUR story and how you go with this.

If you got value from this post, feel free to leave a comment and share it with your network!