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  • The FitPro Media and PR Training Module ($2,997 Value) –
  • The FitPro Webinar Creation Module ($2997 Value)
  • The LinkedInMastery and Instagram Riches Module ($2997 Value)

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  • Webinar Sign Up Secrets ($497)
  • Email Sequence Secrets ($497)
  • ‘Escape the Photocopy Life’ Hard Copy Book ($17 Value)


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"In 4 Weeks I learned Way More Then I was Ever Expecting"

Liam Coultman - United Kingdom -

"Janak, It's Crazy My Friend!, What you showed me about marketing on Facebook already worked, off of $1 I picked up 2 online Coaching clients yesterday!"

Jason L Noel - Vero Beach, United States-

"In Just 4 Weeks I created a Product & Launched My Website"

Stan Blair - Slic Fitness, Spain -

"This is the Best Program Out There, If You are even Thinking About Being an Online Personal Trainer"

Eugenie Burton - United Kingdom -

"I Requested a refund & Was Shocked by the Response"

Grant Currall - Perth - Australia

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I have questions. Where can I contact you? +

Email us! or call us if you want to talk to us personally:
USA 1 213 984 1012 or New Zealand 64 9 9664496

Is there a Money Back Guarantee? +

If you don’t feel like we delivered on our promise after going through the course material, send us an email within 30 days of signing up.

So long as you’ve submitted all your snapshots and worksheets to us, we’ll refund you 100% of your investment minus a 10% fee.

We insist that you submit your worksheets, as the Trifecta System does work – but only if you put it into action! Your worksheets are proof that you’ve worked through the program materials thus far and put them into action.

How long does the Trifecta System take and How is it Delivered? +

The Trifecta System is a 3 module system that you can work through in your own time. All information is delivered in your own private membership area.

Some modules are drip-fed. Login Details are provided on signing up. There are 3 course modules for the System.

After the System commences, you have 6 months access to the material.

Can I do the Program in my own Time? +

Yes, you can do the program in your own time. Program information is delivered in your own private membership area. Some course material is drip fed.

You will have access of the Trifecta System and all the material materials online for 6 months.

Do I need any technical knowledge to do the Trifecta System? +

The Trifecta System’s goal is to teach you how to get media and milk it for all it’s worth! You do need a website and know how to capture leads. You will also be taught how to create kickass converting webinars and will be shown how to upload them, set up registration pages etc and how to set up basic parts of the backend system to get it all functioning well.

Same with LinkedIn and Instagram; you will be taught from A to Z how to set everything up, and then what to do to make money. We’ve made all this as tech-friendly as possible!

How Much Money Could I Possibly Make Using This Information? +

That's a tough question. You could make an extra $1000, $20,000, $50,000/month. It depends on how you use what you learn, what you apply and how it all works for your business. Everything taught is Real World Strategies and applicable strategies that have actually been used. Nothing is theory.

The same information that we will be sharing with you is what has given us the ability to live anywhere and work from anywhere in the world providing us with the profits to support our unique lifestyle.

What exactly am I learning on this Trifecta System? +

Module #1

Gain Thousands of Dollars’ worth of Free Media and Publicity

Are you ready to get a Media Strategy in Place so you can gain Free Publicity, Boost your Credibility and Gain Celebrity Status in the Fitness Industry, IMMEDIATELY Eliminating your Competitors?

  • Learn how to create compelling pitches and requests to capture the attention of editors, journalists, bloggers and media outlets so they feature YOU!
  • Discover how to become Attractive to the Media so they ‘choose’ you to feature.
  • Discover the Top 5 Mistakes Most People Make when approaching the Media and What you Must Do instead.
  • Discover Shortcuts to FAST TRACK your Media Success so you get featured.
  • How to approach the Media, and a shortcut of whom to contact.
  • Where to find Pitches of Journalists that want desperately want to hear from YOU
  • How to negotiate with the Media to ensure the best results for YOU and your Business. It’s easy to get screwed over! Trust me; I’ve been through it enough to know what you need to do.
  • How to capture leads from your Media Feature so you can gain clients.
  • How to become a Columnist for Leading Media Outlets to showcase your Expertise and Establish yourself As An Expert, and Potential Celebrity in our Health and Fitness Space.

Learn Step by Step how to get Published in Magazines, how to be sought out by the Media and How to Rapidly Boost your Credibility….by getting this Media Module!


Module #2

Create FitPro Webinars that Convert and Sell Module

The Overlooked Secret to getting more clients, fast!

The Proven System to Help Personal Trainers and FitPros to rapidly gain and convert new clients using Webinars.

You will get:

  • How to effectively Market Your Webinar online and to your list.
  • What to do with the lead before, during and after the Webinar to maximize sales.
  • Given PowerPoint templates showcasing the best Layout for sales – i.e when to educate them, how best to sell, what to talk about, suggested Headlines on PowerPoint slides to elaborate on
  • What to Include, Pictures and Triggers/Joggers
  • Walk through of a successful FitPro webinar and how to model it for best results.

This System has been designed by a Personal Trainer, for Personal Trainers.

Module #3

Use LinkedIn + Instagram to Gain 1000 new leads per month (by Janak Patel)

  • Discover How to Leverage the Awesome Power of LinkedIn to Get More Leads, Clients & Referral’s For Your Fitness Business.
  • Learn how to generate over 1000, YES, that’s ONE THOUSAND new lead per month…. for FREE!
  • Learn how to use this often-overlooked Social Media Channel to Showcase your Skills and Gain 1000 new and highly targeted leads for your PT business.
  • Imagine if you just converted 10% of them to clients. What would this do to your income?
  • Learn How to Profit off your Instagram (IG) Account, REGARDLESS OF SIZE. FORGET increasing Followers for the sake of it; Start Generating Leads and Making Income from Instagram.
  • Learn how to finally monetize your Instagram (IG) account by helping your followers with what they truly need.
  • Learn how to create a branded IG feed that positions you as a desirable expert in your specific niche and attract customers who desire what you have to offer.
  • Learn my Secret ‘Triple X’ method to grow your Followers Faster than you ever thought possible.
Do you provide any extra support on the program? +

If you’re a Fast Action Taker (One of the first 10 to join from the Live Webinar), you get me, Nalisha, as your one to one coach via email for 30 days. You can ask any question, and I will talk you through everything to ensure your success.

Apart from that, we offer unlimited technical support and basic assistance where required.

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    We will not sell or rent your personal contact information for any marketing purposes whatsoever.

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